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Price First Taxis was established in 2002. As experienced taxi drivers, we became increasingly more and more disillusioned with the way the taxi industry was going. So with this in mind, we decided to break away and form a company that would be run with honesty and integrity.
In the time since we were established, we have grown to become a very successful company with 50 plus vehicles, servicing both the public and business sectors. Our service is renowned in the local area for being attentive, helpful and honest, three core values which our company has grown around.

Covid-19 Information

We have taken steps to ensure everyone can travel in a clean enviroment. Please do review our Covid-19 Information page if you have any questions or concerns.

“Fixed Price Please!”

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A hidden gem within our company that we are very proud to still be able to offer to all of our customers. Just ask our operator for a fixed fare and we will honour this price from a to b! Just like our Airport prices, ask for the price and we can fix it for you. 

This has many benefits, it enables you to plan your expenditure for the week/month, you know how much to save for the return journey home after a night out, you know your going to get the best price available!  None of this “how much will it cost this time?”. Fix the fare, dont watch the meter tick over and you know what your going to be paying!

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