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You’ve found us, Torbay’s most friendly and professional run taxi company. Now that’s something you don’t see every day!

Get The Price Before you Go!

We are able to supply you with a quote that we stand by. Just ask for the cost of the journey when booking your taxi and we will stick to it! None of this, “well it’s on the meter guv”! We will tell you the exact fare so you know at the end of that evening out you can always get home safely.

Call Back service

No need to look anxiously out of the window waiting for your taxi to arrive. No more listening for the bell that doesn’t work. Callback uses the latest technology to enable our drivers to dial your phone when they arrive outside your address. It’s free of charge and it’s easy to order. When you book your taxi with the telephonist simply ask for callback. When you hear your phone ring twice your taxi is outside. No need to pick up the phone, just your keys and coat.

Text Back Service

In addition to our Call Back service we now offer a Text Back Service! Not only will you be informed your taxi has arrived but it will inform you of the make, model and colour of your taxi. You will also be given the driver’s name.

Not only does this enhance your experience but it will improve your safety, ensuring you get into the correct taxi.

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  • Quick quote
  • Email Booking confirmation
  • Track your car real time
  • SMS journey updates
  • Store your card details securely, (Temporally unavailable)
  • Store your journey history

Please be aware when calling to place a booking that some calls could be recorded for training purposes.

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