Christmas Is Soon Upon Us!

With Christmas only around the corner, a lot of our customers have started to ask us, what our prices will be over the Xmas period. Don’t take the risk with other taxi companies in the bay, we have an amazing reputation for being on time ensuring our pre-booked customers are a top priority, so get in there early.

Don’t book your taxi to the family Christmas meal at the last minute, and you definitely don’t want to miss granny opening her presents

Below you can see the poster with the cost of the surcharge, as well as the times the surcharges are in effect. During December these will all be posted in the cars to remind you, if you work at, or run a hotel/business, feel free to print off the poster here.

Surcharge Times & Costs

The period in which the surcharge is in effect is very small:
Between the hours of:
1800 hrs Friday 24th December to 0600 hrs on Monday 27th December
1800hrs Friday 31st December to 0500hrs Sunday 2nd January

An extra £3.00 will be added onto fares under the value of £20.00
All fares over £20.00 will only incur a 50% surcharge

Chris the Office Manager, dressing up to raise money for Dementia during our Elf Day Fundraiser!

Have a great Xmas and new years from all of us at Price First Taxis!

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