Our office is perfect for having your Wish parcels sent to our office, for you to collect at any time between the hours of 6am-midnight. (For security reasons we cannot offer parcels out after midnight.)
Our friendly office team will look after your Wish parcels, until you are ready to collect them. When shopping on wish if you opt to have your parcel sent to us, we can hold it for up to 2 weeks for you.

Cant collect your Wish parcel from us?
We are also able to deliver your parcel to you if you find that you either keep forgetting to collect it from us, or you cant make it to us for whatever reason. We can deliver the parcel to you, if you would like us to deliver a parcel that has been sent to us, then please give us a call and ask for a price, and our office team will be able to help you out.

Wish Pickup Q&A

How do I send my Wish parcels to your office?
When shopping on Wish you are able to have your parcels sent to our office for collection.

How long will you hold my Wish parcel for?
We hold them for up to 2 weeks. If you want us to hold them for longer please do give us a call to let us know.

How do i collect my parcel’s?
Pop into the office any time between 6am-midnight, make sure you have your QR code to hand. We then scan your QR code hand over your parcel(s) and your on your way.

Does it cost to send Wish parcel’s to your office?
We don’t charge anything for you to have your parcel sent to us, in fact when you opt to have your parcel sent to us for click and collect, you can save some money on the postage of your item, compared with the option to send it to your address.

I cant find my QR code?
You will be emailed the QR code from wish once your parcel is ready for collection, also it can be found on your order history on the Wish app.

When will I know when my Wish parcel will be ready?
Wish will alert you through your app or by email.

Can I call you to check if my wish parcel is ready to collect?
We do not have access to any names or addresses in relation to your parcel prior to scanning your QR code. We are only able to confirm if your parcel is here through the scanning of the QR code, which you will receive once we have your parcel.

Do i need any ID when collecting my Wish parcel?
You do not need any id, only your QR code, once we scan your QR code we are then able to confirm your name.

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