Below you will find information on the management team, who does what, and if you need to contact them directly, you can find their email attached to their profile.

We know they are an ugly bunch but they cant help it….

Steve Webb
Co-Founder & Director at Price First Taxis
April 2002

My main role is managing the customer accounts, alongside the driver accounts. I also back up other managers when dealing with the people side of the business. I love my statistics and cant resist a good spreadsheet.

Favourite thing about work: Watching people park out the front of the office, can be very amusing at times.

Fun Fact: I love custard and would have it on everything given the chance.


Paul Sneap
Co-Founder & Director at Price First Taxis
April 2002

My main roles include dealing with the Company Accounts, Finances, Supplies, IT problems, Advertising, Payroll, Flower arranging, and generally oversee the running of the company.

Favourite thing that happened at work: All the staff made me a very amusing Staff calendar!

Fun Fact: I just love my Pencils, you can never have enough pencils! Especially with those little rubbers on the top!


Chris Sneap
at Price First Taxis
Start Date: October 2015

As Manager of Price First Taxis i cover many areas of the company, but my main area’s are customer relations, human resources, managing the social media pages and working the phones as well as control.

Favourite thing about work: Dealing with the Friday and Saturday night customers.

Fun Fact: I have really ugly toes…. according to my girlfriend anyway, I think they’re lovely.


Robert Gill
Manager at Price First Taxis
Start Date: April 2012

As Drivers Manager of Price First Taxis I manage all aspects of the driver team, I recruit new drivers and help them through their application process with Torbay Council, I also dabble in advertising and help find unique places to advertise.

Favourite thing about work: I have my own office on Union Street

Fun Fact: I love piccalilli

Mobile: 07422572112

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