Becoming a Driver.

If you take a disciplined approach to Taxi driving, it can and will give you the rewards you desire. It can be very rewarding work and a very profitable one. There is a lot of drivers that have a very good standard of living, because they take a professional approach.

Below is some contact details along with some documents to download and digest.

Price First Taxis Ltd

Driver Manager: Rob Gill 07422 572112

Tel: 01803 322322
Fax: 01803.324697

Torbay Council Tel: 01803 201201 ask for Licensing.

Info on becoming a taxi driver.

The information provided within this document will give you more of an insight along with the cost. 

Driving for Price First Taxis Ltd

This is more of a practical document giving further details of your earning potential along with the cost that is required.

An Introduction to becoming a PRIVATE HIRE DRIVER.

This is a walkthrough of the online application service provided by Torbay Council

How to register online at

If you have further questions or would like to drive for Price First Taxis then please feel free to contact us using the form provided.