Currently we have a 20p fuel surcharge in operation, due to the continued fuel rise we are having to increase this from 20p to 40p on all journeys. As fuel is nearing the £2 a litre mark we have no other options than to increase our surcharge in order to cover the rising costs in fuel and other consumables. This being said we are also having to add a surcharge on for long distance work such as airports.

Journeys that are between 16-30 miles will incur a £1.50 charge

Journeys that are over 30 miles will incur a £6.00 charge.

The surcharges will be in force from Thursday 23rd June 0530. This will affect all of our customers.

We hope that soon we are in a situation to reduce or remove the surcharges. Please accept our apologies for the increase once again, but as costs are continuing to rise we have no choice but to implement this temporary charge.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions.


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