A massive thankyou to all of our customers that have used us throughout the year, whether you are a regular that uses us daily, weekly, monthly, or even if you just used us once or twice this year, you don’t know how much we appreciate it! ❤️

As a taxi company we have had to adapt throughout the year to help out anyone that was in need, the standard job pickup had changed from picking up customers to picking up peoples takeaways and shopping. 👍

Throughout lockdown we have helped the vulnerable to get their essentials from the local shops, pharmacy pickups, click and collect from the super markets, helping them get to and from a doctors appointment in a clean and sanitised vehicle. We also offered ALL NHS STAFF a 15% discount on their bookings, during the first lockdown. 💪🌈😷

It has been a tough year not only for us, but for the taxi industry as a whole. As small local business we are happy to of made it through the year in one piece, and appreciate your support. 😇

We are still open throughout the night for anyone who needs us, so please give us a call or tap the app! 📲

So thanks again for sticking with us throughout the year.

See you in 2021! 👋

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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